Russia has sold 25,000 iPhone 5 in the first three days

It is learned that in Russia for the first weekend (the first three days of official sales) has sold about 25,000 of smartphones iPhone 5. Recall, the official release of the latest Apple smartphone launched on December 14. Information on the number of devices sold in Russia comes from a well-informed sources, Apple itself in this respect is nothing. By the way, the level of sales in China, the company officially reported: it was sold 2 million units in the first three days of the date of December 14.

It is also reported that the volume of sales in Russia for the first three days of iPhone 5 was 30-40% of the first volume of supplies devices. Also, just for the first day price dropped a few new items: if the junior model first asked 32,000 rubles, then - about 28 000.


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